About ULF

Universidade Lusíada de Vila Nova Famalicão (ULF) is one of Universidades Lusíada, a group of private Universities located in Lisbon, Porto and Famalicão, and owned by Minerva Foundation. Universidades Lusíada were founded in the 1980s by Professor António Martins da Cruz, who is their chancellor. In the academic year of 2011-12 Universidades Lusíada had around 9,000 students in Lisbon, Porto and Famalicão, in 60 undergraduate degrees, 40 master courses and 10 PhD programmes.

We are a small university and we believe that this is one of our strengths. That small is better and that small can be best. The belief is based on the premise that quality together with close relationships between lecturers and students is one of the central characteristics of a successful University. Crucially, we believe in the decisively important areas of Human Relations and conviviality, in the educational process and in the Economy: that conviviality is enhanced in small schools, located in small cities, like ours.

ULF is located in the heartland of the Portuguese industrial life in the district of Braga. Near Famalicão are located two of the most important Portuguese cities (Porto-30km and Braga-25km), as well as a network of dynamic small cities: Guimarães, Barcelos, Vila do Conde and Póvoa do Varzim. All those cities are accessible by train, bus and taxi. You will be able to spend some days enjoying Portuguese hospitality, history, food and climate: all at relatively low prices!